Thursday, 28 April 2016

Women safety and security android app

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"Chilla" is a personal safety & security app that can be triggered by just a shrill scream . It totally removes the hassles of unlocking the phone or opening the app. It has been found that in cases where someone follows a girl / women or eve-teases her , she generally doesn't calls out to parents or police and if they attack her , the app is of no use to her then. In that situation scream is a natural reaction and tapping that is the best possible way to bring her help.
The apps can be triggered by:
1. Scream
2.Pressing power Button 5 times
After Trigger, it does the following
1.Sends SMS with location
2.Sends Email with Audio Recording
3.Automatically places a call
If a scream is detected the app automatically unlocks the phone and places a call to the guardian.
The power button feature works even if the app is not on.
It virtually acts as your personal guardian angel when you are in distress and goes a long way in ensuring your personal safety so that With an elegant yet simple interface it is extremely simple to use.
Not just the safety of women, the safety mode can be additionally customized to cater to the safety
of men too. Besides, the app can be used in case of emergencies too, for example during a heart
attack, the victim’s location and recording can be immediately sent without unlocking the phone.
The best part is, Scream Alert is absolutely free, and it is made for the sole motive of helping women
lead freer and safer lives. A revolution in field of personal security, Scream Alert is your ultimate
safety app, install it today and put your safety in your own hands. Don’t just take our word for it, try